Francesca offers a supervision relationship that facilitates you the supervisee to extend your therapeutic skills by facilitating an atmosphere of supportive, non-shaming curiosity in your work with your clients, and the impact of this on you, and on us in our relationship together. In this three-way relationship there is an opportunity for you to experience insights into your developing practice, to focus on relational issues and to consider the development of your clients resources.

In Francesca's own therapy work, she is a strong advocate for the use of psycho-education as a way of empowering clients to begin to be able to develop their own internal therapist and in the same way, feel that this knowledge and expertise shared in supervision allows supervisees to develop their own internal supervisor and to notice themselves in relationship with their clients.

Supervision can support us to consider the blind spots and the unconscious processes that occur within the client-counsellor and supervisor-supervisee relationships.

Francesca also recognises that sometimes for clients and for counsellors words are not enough and she encourages the use of creative mediums to explore relational dynamics and feelings of being stuck that we can experience in relationships with our clients.

About Francesca

Francesca Marjoram (MBACP)

Integrative Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Supervisor

Currently I am studying a certificate in Creative Counselling Supervision via Jill Carter Sandplay, Creative Arts & Trauma Training. "Creative Supervision uses play to facilitate a space which opens our hearts and minds. In clinical supervision the supervisee tunes into their client to see them from different perspectives". Creative Supervision integrates learning and supervision models with media such as sandplay, writing and art. The course facilitates the BACP ethical framework (2018).


In addition to my supervision training I work as an independent trainer providing training on sexual violence, trauma and domestic violence. I have a background in teaching and training in higher education that offers another layer of richness and resource to you as a supervisee. I also have extensive experience of providing safeguarding support to a charity as a freelance clinical assessor.


In my own experience of supervision, I have had rich and growth-full supervision and I have also experienced less helpful, less relevant supervision.  My aim as a supervisor is to make a relationship with you that is unique and provides a shared learning environment for us both where we can both enrich each other’s understanding of what it means to work in therapy.